The FlavorFest 7 schedule and lineup is out! Once again we will be having the event at beautiful Lake Brooklofornia in Walden, NY. Check out the facebook invite for more details!

NOTE – Due to Covid 19, this is an INVITE only event. So if someone has not personally invited you, please do not show up. You will be not be allowed to attend. We look forward to seeing you next year!


2020 Schedule
12:30p – Chris Dav / Ethan Klee
2:00p – Alpha Male Gorillas
3:30 – Doc Edison’s Good Time Machine
5:00 – Escaper
6:45 – Kassaye Selassie
7:30 CFR feat Joe Marcinek Set 1
8:30 CFR feat Joe Marcinek Set 2
10:30 Snowbear
12:00am – Trailer Swift

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